Come support archaeological research at the Snyder Site Complex!

Update: Experienced volunteers can assist at the Temple University Field School from Mondays through Fridays. New and experienced volunteers are welcome to join on Saturdays and Sundays. Unlike previous years, the 2017 field season will be limited to May 15th through June 26th.

Folks of all ages are invited to participate in a real archaeological dig and help reconstruct history. Activities will include digging and screening for artifacts, interacting with professional archaeologists, and just getting dirty! Volunteers will participate in an ongoing program of field and lab research designed to explore human settlement dating to approximately 13,000 years ago (Ice Age) in the middle Delaware Valley.

No experience required and tools will be provided. Temple University archaeologists will be on site for most weekends throughout the summer and into fall. Come for a few hours or stay all weekend!

For more information and to participate in the program, contact Jen Rankin (jennifer.rankin@temple.edu).